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Legal Resources About Housing

Whether you own a home, live in mobile home, rent a house or apartment, use your RV as your home or some other scenario, most of us are covered by laws that govern our rights as well as our responsibilities related to our housing. NLS can help with situations like:

  • Eviction
  • Security deposit recovery
  • Tangled title (occupant of home isn’t the owner of record)
  • Manufactured home community rules
  • Overdue or burdensome utility bills
  • A rent-to-own sales contract vs. a lease
  • Response to claims filed in Magisterial District Judge Court
  • Housing rights of survivors of domestic abuse

Follow the links below for resources specific to housing. 

How to Get Help

So that we can better understand the legal issue that you are facing, please take a few minutes to answer the questions in our secure, easy-to-use Legal Issue Triage Tool. Your responses will be used to help connect you with a member of our staff that can provide you with the legal help you’re seeking.

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