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Legal Resources Surrounding Employment

Entering into a dispute with an employer can be daunting. Employment law is complex, and companies usually have more resources to spend on defense than you do. NLS may help with discrimination, wage claims, working conditions, at-will employment, the Family and Medical Leave Act, job terminations, the expungement of records that keep you from getting a job, and much more.

We go beyond traditional employee representation through collaborations with the Pennsylvania Employment Law Project and our Consortium partner, Summit Legal Aid.

This page provides general practical information and is not legal advice. Please consult a lawyer for specific legal advice. Remember – the laws can change, which could change the information provided here. Make sure that you check for updates before relying on this information.

How to Get Help

So that we can better understand the legal issue that you are facing, please take a few minutes to answer the questions in our secure, easy-to-use Legal Issue Triage Tool. Your responses will be used to help connect you with a member of our staff that can provide you with the legal help you’re seeking.

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