Knowing Your Rights is the First Step to Justice

If you think you have a legal issue, learning your rights (and responsibilities) is where to start. Follow the links below to resources based on your situation.

  • consumer-sm

    Debt, foreclosure, repossession, judgment collection, wage garnishment, credit card defense and other consumer issues.

  • family-sm

    Divorce, child custody, child support, PFA filing, family law procedures and more family resources.

  • disability-sm

    Legal resources for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. 

  • hiring-sm

    Job loss, unemployment benefits, disputes between employees and employers, other job-related legal issues.

  • housing-sm

    Evictions, rental agreements, titles and deeds, landlord-tenant conflicts and more.

  • public-benefits-sm

    TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, CHIP, LIHEAP, LIHEAP and DPW-administered childcare, and appealing the decisions of these agencies.

  • veterans-sm

    NLS has a dedicated attorney for veterans in all our practice areas. 

  • elder-sm

    Legal services specifically for Allegheny County residents who are 60 and older. provides information on civil legal issues and answers to many civil legal questions to help you understand a many civil legal issues and potential solutions to these legal problems.

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