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Dollar Energy Fund Grant Information

Low-income families and individuals who struggle to afford adequate gas, electric or water supplies to meet basic living standards for their household can apply for Dollar Energy Fund assistance and tangible aid.

Sincere Effort of Payment

Applicants must have paid at least $150 on their accounts within the last 90 days. Senior Citizens, age 62 and over, must have paid at least $100 on their accounts within the last 90 days.

Exceptions can be made for extreme hardships.

Household Size Monthly Income Yearly Income
Each additional$747$8,960

Balance Requirement

  • Make Payment of at least $150 toward your electric bill within 90 days of the date you apply for the grant (Senior citizens - age 62 and over - must have paid $100 in the last 90 days) or have made your last three consecutive payments. You will be asked to provide proof of payment(s).
  • Provide proof of your monthly houshold income (federal Income Guidleines apply).
  • Provide the Social Security Numbers of all members of your household.
  • Minimum Balance Requirement - you must have a balance on your utility bill of at least $100. Senior citizens, age 62 years of age or older, may have a $0 balance (not eligible for assistance if there is an existing credit on their account).
  • Your account must be a residential account, single home, or apartment.
  • You must be an adult currently living in the household.
  • If you have chosen an alternate supplier, a Dollar Energy Fund grant will not be used to pay the supplier portion of your bill.

Application Attachments

Verification of income is required where the applicant is ineligible for LIHEAP and CRISIS, or where those programs are closed.

A copy of the most recent utility bill with proof of minimum payment must be attached to all applications.

More information is available at the Dollar Energy website.

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