Getting Your Security Deposit Back

When you move out of your rental unit, you have the right to get your security deposit back as long as there is no damage to the property and no rent owed to the landlord. There are certain steps that you must take to trigger the landlord’s obligation to return the deposit to you.

First, you must send a letter to the landlord requesting that the deposit be returned to you and provide the landlord with a new address where he/she can mail your deposit. The landlord then has 30 days to either return the deposit to you in full or provide you with an itemized list of damages deducted from the deposit along with the remaining deposit. If the landlord fails to do this or if you dispute the damages claimed, you will then have to file a complaint against the landlord at the Magisterial District Judge’s office which covers the address of the property.


Security Deposit Letter

Civil Complaint Form (from the AOPC website)

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