Benefits Available from the Welfare Office for Low Income Persons

Note: All able bodied adults without dependents (ABAWD) in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler and Lawrence Counties will, beginning March 1, 2016, be limited to three months of FS, unless they fulfill work requirements. This does not apply to the following- residents of McKeesport in Allegheny County and New Castle in Lawrence County.

Program Who is eligible? What is provided? Time limits? Work requirements?

Temporary Aid
to Needy Families

Families with dependent children (natural parents or other relatives), & pregnant women Cash –
1 person 205/mo
2 people 316/mo 
3 people 403/mo
Yes, 60 months (5 yrs.) in an adult’s lifetime. (Some exceptions) Usually yes, as set forth in a written agreement. After 24 months, usually must work at least 20 hours per week.
*Food Stamps TANF & GA house- holds and almost all other low income citizens (income limit is higher than for other programs) Credits to buy food & plants or seeds to grow food. Amount depends on size & income of household. Max. for family of 3 is $341. Generally no,
some able bodied childless adults are limited to 3 months in a 3 year period if not working
Yes, but they are mandatory only for able bodied
adults (aged 18-49) without dependents.
TANF & GA households, other low income persons may be eligible – there are several categories Access (fee for service) or enrollment in a managed care program which provides medical
services from participating providers
No No
Low Income Home
Energy Assistance
Homeowners & renters, but
some persons living in subsidized housing may not be eligible
Grants to help pay heating bills with amount based on income & type of fuel, and grants to repair/replace heating unit. No, but applications
are only taken during a specified time period
No work requirement. Also no resource limit.

*These programs also provide Special Allowances if you participate in training and employment programs.