Allegheny County PFA Procedures

To obtain a PFA, go to the Allegheny County Family and Juvenile Court facility, 440 Ross Street, Room 3030, between 8:30 am and 11:00 am weekdays.  Persons wanting to file a PFA should be advised to arrive as early as possible and report to Room 3030 at Family Court.

HOW TO APPLY FOR A TEMPORARY PFA ORDER AT FAMILY COURT – explains the times, location and procedures for filing a PFA in Allegheny County.

EMERGENCY PFA INFORMATION – explains how and where to obtain an after-hours (after 11:00 am), overnight/weekend Emergency PFA order from an MDJ.

Under a current collaborative VOCA grant project, both a legal advocate from the Women’s Center and Shelter and a family law attorney from Neighborhood Legal Services will be on-site at the Family Court’s Safe Families Recourse Center to assist and provide information to anyone who might arrive after 11:00 am.