Law Student School Year Program


A semester long program, the legal services practicum gives law students maximum practical experience in a few short months. The 4 credit hour program is a combination of fieldwork and class work, covering a wide range of topics such as landlord/tenant, family law, unemployment compensation, welfare law, social security/disability, and consumer/bankruptcy.

The class work exposes students to an overview of the areas of law in which they will be working throughout the semester. Each class is taught by a seasoned attorney. Students are evaluated at the end of the semester on a pass/fail basis.

Students must also complete 104 hours of fieldwork. This fieldwork is conducted through our downtown office and is casework and client intensive. Second year, second semester students who are certified by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court may represent clients at district justice hearings and in the Court of Common Pleas. All interns may represent clients at administrative hearings and unemployment compensation hearings.

The practicum is an excellent way for students to get “hands on” experience in a supervised environment. Skills learned and contacts built through participation in the practicum have assisted students throughout their careers.


An externship is an attractive option for those who have participated in the practicum to continue the work they started. Offered throughout the year, the externship program operates in the same way as the practicum; however, no course work is required. Students who complete the externship are eligible to receive 3 credit hours.

For information regarding either the practicum or externship, please contact Edward Van Stevenson, Jr., at (412) 586-6156.