Volunteer Opportunities


NLS welcomes those who wish to volunteer time and services in helping our clients obtain equal access to justice, particularly attorneys and law students who can assist our attorneys in representing clients before judicial and administrative bodies. We also welcome trained paralegals as volunteers. We can be flexible in work schedules and can work with you to determine the site that best fits your needs and area of expertise. Whether you are currently practicing, recently retired or just starting your career, NLS would meet with you to determine where your legal talents and experience can help fulfill our mission.

In FY 14-15, NLS handled 8,875 cases which resolved critical legal issues, involving life’s most basic needs: shelter, income, food, safety, and health. These kinds of numbers would not have been possible without volunteer help.  NLS updates its Volunteer and Private Attorney Involvement Plan yearly.

Summer Law Students
School Year Law Students

Volunteer attorneys currently

  • Handle pro bono cases involving Protection from Abuse, credit card defense, unemployment compensation, bankruptcy, SSI, and expungements
  • Provide telephone custody advice
  • Provide advice at our debt clinic
  • Take reduced fee referrals for bankruptcy, divorce, custody, and support
  • Assist with fundraising efforts and resource development
  • Conduct research

Volunteer law students currently

  • Provide thousands of hours of help to our clients under the direction of our attorneys on such legal issues as Protection From Abuse, landlord tenant, employment law, and bankruptcy
  • Internships for law students, both during the school year and the summer, introduce students to the practice of poverty law through hands on experience

Volunteer Paralegals currently

  • Work with administration on NLSA pro bono projects
  • They also provide help in maintaining our database, contacting clients, and tabulating data for reports. Any paralegal in a skilled area such as SSI would be welcome

Other Volunteer opportunities exist in certain skill-specific areas such as web development, grant writing, and grants research. For more information on volunteer opportunities, email support@nlsa.us or download our “Ways To Help” brochure.