Over fifty years ago, a momentous vote by members of the Allegheny County Bar Association established – for the first time in this region – a place to turn for low-income people needing civil legal assistance. The establishment of NLSA broke new ground and opened broad, new avenues for delivering on the promise of equal access to justice. It initiated a career service in civil legal assistance that brought dignity, order, and quality to the practice of poverty law in our region. The incorporators of NLSA, the true champions of equal justice who set everything in motion, were visionaries in their own generation and role models for those who follow.

NLSA Incorporators

Wendell G. Freeland

David G. Hill

The Honorable Justin M. Johnson

The Honorable Maurice Louik

Thomas F. Quinn

Irwin M. Ringold

The Honorable George H. Ross

W. Edward Sell

James I. Smith, III

Eric W. Springer

The Honorable David Stahl

Wayne Theophilus

The Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh

Alexander Unkovic