Former Board Presidents

NLSA is governed by an active and diverse 39-member Board of Directors. Since 1966, 25 exceptional men and women have given their time and talents to serve the organization as Board President.

Wendell G. Freeland*

David B. Fawcett, Jr.*

The Honorable Justin M. Johnson

The Honorable David Stahl*

Thomas O. White

Robert F. Stokes*

Thomas Hollander

Thomas M. Thompson

John R. Cook

Joanne Ross Wilder*

E. J. Strassburger

Dorothy Ann Richardson*

Robert B. Sommer

W. Theodore Brooks*

Maureen P. Kelly

James E. Mahood

Charles B. Gibbons

Jon G. Hogue

Kenneth M. Argentieri

Mark F. Nowak

Robert P. Morgan

Mary K. Austin

Efrem M. Grail

Carol S. Mills McCarthy

Max W. Laun