Our Clients

Our Clients

Below is our collection of NLSA Client Stories (downloadable PDFs) and Client Briefs (videos) which highlight the personal stories of our clients.

Client Stories (PDFs)


NLSA Client Stories: Brenda

“Thanks to NLSA, my family can actually have a life.”


NLSA Client Stories: Deborah

“NLSA helped me to rely on myself instead of my family.”


NLSA Client Stories: Mamie

A victim of Elder Abuse, Mamie faced eviction and a Sheriff’s Sale when…


NLSA Client Stories: Leo

“My whole neighborhood is better off because of NLSA.”


NLSA Client Stories: Willa

“Without NLSA, I would have lost my home.”


NLSA Client Stories: Vince

“I can still be self-sufficient, thanks to NLSA.”


NLSA Client Stories: Sandra

“Having my son back, is a gift from NLSA, that I can never repay.”


NLSA Client Stories: Melissa

“NLSA gave me the chance I needed to work and support my kids.”


Client Briefs (Videos)

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NLSA Client Briefs: Brenda

To keep her children safe from their abusive father, Brenda turned to NLSA.


NLSA Client Briefs: Deborah

A series of strokes left Deborah unable to return to work…


NLSA Client Briefs: Mamie

A victim of Elder Abuse, Mamie faced eviction and a Sheriff’s Sale when…


NLSA Client Briefs: Leo

A victim of consumer fraud and predatory lending. Leo struggled…